The Carjacking

flagyl prescription revamp xeloda cost The sun that danced above the murky water also made the pavement hot. Down below families of ducks made their way across the water, around and past paddle boaters.  Weeping willows bordered the lagoon.   Anonymous faces moved this way and that making up a crowd of about a hundred people determined to enjoy one of the last Saturdays of summer.  A siren blared only to retreat in the distance.  Above the sounds of bits of conversations, hundreds of cars could be heard going north and south on Lake Shore Drive a quarter mile away.

tylenol in germany impart Then an alarm sounded louder than the surrounding noise.  She realized it was her phone.  

symbolize biltricide buy “What?  How long have you been there?  No.  No.   Don’t say anything.  Don’t say anything to anyone remember?  Just your name.  Remember what I told you.  You know the drill.  Where are you exactly?”

where to buy doxycycline for horses The man on the other end answered, “I’m over here by Belmont over here by Western.  I didn’t do nothing.  They trying to put some crazy bullshit on me.”

can you buy diflucan over the counter in australia “Put what on you?” 

“They’re saying I’m in worse trouble if I get a lawyer. They said I had the wrong lawyers the last time.”

“What?  Who?”

“Some detective.  They’re saying I’m going to be charged four sure if I bring in a lawyer.”

“That’s not true.  I will try to get there.”

“You coming here now?”

“Yeah.  Ok. Don’t say anything to them or answer any questions.  Got it? Nothing.  Did you talk to them?”

“No.  No I ain’t said nothing.”

“Ok good.  Why were you arrested?  What is the charge did they tell you…”

“I was just with a friend over in his car.  

“who was driving?’

“He was driving.  Then the pholice stop the car.”

“what -why?”

“I don’t know.  No idea.”

“Why did they stop the car?”

“They don’t need a reason.  You know…”

“Then what happened?”

“I opened the door and start running.”

“Why did they arrest you?

“That’s what I said! They arrested me for running.”

“That is ridiculous.  Don’t say anything.  And don’t say anything to anyone around you either.”

“I got to get out of here. I left a camera in the car too.  And my jacket…”

“I need to find out why they are holding you.  They can keep you for 3 days you know that.”

“They’re saying the car stolen.”

“What?  Where is your friend?  Was it his car?”

“He’s here.  They keeping him up in here somewhere.”

“Did you know the car was stolen?”


“Did they find any drugs on you?”

“No.  No way. They got nothing.”

“You know you’re out on bond so this isn’t good.”

“I know I need to get out of here.  But that camera…that aint mine but I took some pictures and I need to get it back because of the pictures.”

“Whose camera is it?  Why do you need the pictures?”

“The camera is hot…you know…”

“What?  You know what, forget about the camera right now!”

“Yeah but I took some pictures with me and my other girl and…”

“yeah ok.  I will see you soon.”

“And they mentioned something about him and the car being involved in a carjacking…”

“Stop talking!  I mean it. They could be listening to you.  Just your name, you know the drill.”

“Yeah I know.  But they saying, they putting this charge on me because of you.  Because I called a lawyer.”

“That’s ridiculous.  You are invoking your right to remain silent.  Can you remember to repeat that to them if they ask you anything. “

“Yeah I know.  I know.  You coming here now?  Can we discuss my other case because I got my people out now working on the fee and I need that one dismissed already.  You know I need to move on from this shit.”

“Yeah.  Ok.”  

                  As she hung up, she felt the wind through her shirt and remembered the coming snow.  The dog at the end of the leash on her other hand was tired of waiting and lurched at a dachshund walking past.  

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