The Gundog Trainer

project zyban cost hamdard roghan badam shirin price in india Suddenly everyone was shouting at once.  The door had creaked open and a tall bearded man peered through the opening.  The two liver and white spaniels at the end began to quiver.  They knew his presence meant everything that was the best of all and the most painful.

buy hyaluronic acid He would shout at them and pick them up by the ear and the randomness of those moments, the sheer unpredictability flooded them with cortisol and filled them with terror.  At times there was a burning shock around their necks.  They would never know when this would happen.  The pain was blinding and it would come out of nowhere.  A sheer terror that led to paralysis. It was a terror that was worth inflicting according to the man and most of the people who came there. They had little else in their lives to hang any accomplishment or distinction to than what their dogs could do. 

purchasing cytotec The man’s children would walk in at night and throw bowls of food on each of the floors of the kennels.   

buy amoxicillin online canada The children knew that the father’s clients would expect their dogs to be fed.  They also got allowances for helping out in the kennel. They resented many of the clients who had too much money and knew so little that they left their precious darlings to be trained with their father.   Dumb city slickers bringing engraved Orvis dog beds.  What a waste of money on a stupid animal.  Its as if they did not realize their precious darlings were dogs. They were necessary idiots because their checks cleared and it was important to do everything to get them to keep their precious powder puffs in the kennel.  So they smiled and pet the things when the clients came.  They would even pour water in the water bowls beforehand to give the impression of carefully curated care.

The tall bearded man joked about the clients with the children.  They would have rather been fishing or using homemade traps to wound animals that passed by on the property.  Pain was funny to them as they grew up killing.  The sport and hunting of it were euphemisms for the abject joy of lording pain over another living thing.

One of the spaniels had come there for what was supposed to be a two week stay.  Each time his human came, she was charmed by the trainer and his children.  She did not know he was kept alone and barely let out other than to be ridiculed by the children.  He had began to lose hope.  Getting fed was the best part of his day and all he had to look forward to.  The loneliness of his kennel had become better than the rage of the bearded man.  He tried to focus on his human’s scent on the bedding but it had grown fainter.  

One morning a black Land Rover drove in.  The solitary spaniel recognized a form through the wooden planks in the fence outside. He then smelled something he remembered.   He heard voices outside and then a very soft voice he recognized instantly.  He began to shout as loudly as his lungs would let him. He had to let her know he was here. She had to know.  He pleaded with all the might in lungs-she had to hear him.

“Come on sweetheart. We are going home.”  She said smiling.  It was his own human.  She kissed the top of his fluffy white head.  His heart raced and he his tail wagged so much his body formed a U.  She tried to hug him.  She couldn’t reach him as he was unable to stop himself from moving everyway at once.  She was there.  She had loved him.

The family scoffed as the car drove away.  “She will never do anything with that dumb dog!” one of the teenagers declared with an upturned lip. 

As she drove away the human spoke in a silly voice to her large white spaniel whose heart soared.  

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