The Witnesses

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take a look at the site here Mrs. Heron looked like a Barbie doll that had been dressed as Russian ski bunny and left outside too long.   Pieces of fur adorned the collar of her jacket, the rim of her gloves and the cuffs of her boots.  Her lips looked unnaturally full.  Her skin was drawn back taught over a face that had been pulled up by plastic surgery.

                  Her thin figure got out of a white Audi to speak to the Policeman.  

                  “I didn’t want to approach him.  I didn’t know if he still had a gun.”

                  “Did you see him carry a gun?” the Policeman asked.

                  “No.  But obviously he killed that old man.  Its so awful.  I don’t feel safe even in Old Town in broad daylight anymore.  Not with these gangbangers.  That is what he is isn’t it?”  She said looking at boy of 13 or 14 who had been holding a much older man whose body lay like a rag doll in his arms.  The boy was crying and had blood on his right hand.

                  “We are trying to ascertain what exactly happened. What did you see?”

                  “Well I saw that man crying because he killed that man is what I saw. Why isn’t he in cuffs?  Isnt it obvious what happened?”

                  “That is what we are trying to ascertain Maam.”

                  “The man is dead.  That man is upset because you caught him with the body.  I saw him crying.  He must have taken the train or bus to get here.  I just hate what is happening to this town.”

                  “Did you see him inflict bodily harm?”

                  “No.”  At this point Mrs. Heron questioned the intelligence of the Policeman.  There was black man crying over the body of a man he had just killed.  What else did she need to do?  

Witness Two

                  “I saw it.  I saw the whole thing.”  Tabatha Williams had seen a lot over the years and if she were honest, she would have admitted that the sight of the body of a dead man in broad daylight was not one of them. 

                  “Can you tell us exactly what you saw Maam?” Asked a tall lean Policeman who looked as if he had just graduated from junior high.

                  “Sure can.  Saw two young men beat up that man.  They frisked him for money.  Then one of them started kicking him as he fell on the ground.  The other un stabbed him and then they both ran away.” Tabitha adjusted her glasses and placed her hands back on the shopping cart handle.

                  “Was the young man over there one of the assailants?”

                  “No I told you they been run away.  That young man came later and tried to help him.”

Third Witness

                  Felicia Lopez felt obligated to speak to the Policeman but she was fuming inside.  She needed to get back to her text message with Hector. She knew Hector was lying. She also had proof he was not at his parents house and was with Veronica.  There was no question Ronnie was after her Hector.  Hector would pay for this.  She had proof.  She needed to tell him she had proof because Tiffany had sent her a photo of Hector taken from her phone.  He was a liar and he was done.

                  “Maam?”  An older policeman asked, bringin Felicia back to him.

                  “Look Officer.  Old man was jacked.  Straight up jacked.  It was sad. People are…”she paused to exhale the anger, “people are some kind of bad. What they did to that man.  I cant believe it.”

                  “Was the young man in handcuffs one of the attackers?”

                  “What?  No.  I already told you it was these two dudes and they gone.  Is that all?”

                  “Would you be able to describe the attackers?”

                  She could but she had to nail Hector to the wall and he had to know she knew.  She needed some peace to get back to fighting with him.  It could not wait.  So she answered, “No.  I didn’t see it like that good.  Anyhow, they looked like anybody.  Can I go now?”

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